Let’s Get This Straight by Julia Sullivan

What enables some people to feel

  • fulfilled and free in a committed relationship,while others experience love as a source of uncertainty, regret or resentment?
  • How come some people manage to maintain integrity and self-respect despite relationship difficulties, while others start to blame and behave badly?
  • Why do some people command respect and admiration, while others meet resistance time after time?
  • Is it possible to turn a toxic relationship into a fulfilling partnership in less than a month?

The answer is YES, once you start thinking straight!

After reading this book you will be able to:

  • master many of your thoughts and emotions;
  • “read” your relationships clearly and objectively;
  • reduce the likelihood of arguments in your relationship;
  • resolve tension when it arises and use it to deepen the relationship;
  • enjoy fruitful partnerships with self respect, dignity and joy.

Let’s Get This Straight explodes many of the accepted wisdoms around relationships and offers a highly do-able approach to creating happiness with others in love and work. You will discover skills you never knew you had, brush up others you haven’t used for a while, and learn how to put them to work to turn your relationship into an adventure you won’t want to end.

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