Guilt Free Motherhood by Amber Khan

A 5 Step Guide to Reclaiming Your Time, Health and Well-Being

Own your happiness. Reclaim your well-being. Make a guilt-free lifestyle, your choice of living!

Do you think being a ‘super mum’ is your only option? Do you neglect your own health while caring for others? Do you struggle to maintain a happy work life balance? Do you often feel stressed and burnout? Then you may be suffering from ‘Mummy Guilt’.

Guilt Free Motherhood will guide you to:

  • How to be happy
  • How to stop feeling guilty
  • How to pick up on the signs of burnout
  • How to declutter & organize your life
  • How to boost your mental, emotional and spiritual health
  • How to stay sane while doing motherhood
  • How to delegate and let go of the ‘super mom’ inside of you

I believe that:

A mother’s journey should not be, and need not be, a GUILT trip. Guilt Free Motherhood gives you the tools you need to start living a happier, healthier and energized lifestyle today – right in the midst of motherhood.

A note to readers:

When you buy the book, follow the special link inside, to download over £300 worth of bonuses including a printable document on daily inspirational quotes.

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