05Leanne-Spencer-webWe asked Leanne Spencer, author of Rise And Shine, recover from burnout and get back to your best, to tell us quickly what having her book written and published had done for her business. We expected two or three positives, but Leanne came back to us with a long list – and her book was only published a few months ago.

Leanne followed the Publish process on the Key Person of Influence (KPI) programme, for which Lucy is the Publish mentor, and then published her book with Rethink Press. Our publishing packages give authors a step-by-step plan for launching their book on Amazon with a view to achieving bestseller status in a niche category.

Here are some bullets on what the book has done for me and my business since it was launched,” Leanne said:

  • Helped me win my first client even though the website hadn’t yet been launched (the lead came in an hour before launch!) – they signed up for my £5K package.
  • Enabled me to introduce myself as an Amazon Bestselling author wherever I go – this is a big talking point and gets attention. People fall into two camps – those who have written a book and those who haven’t. Those who know what it takes to get a book written are full of respect, and those who haven’t are full of admiration as they believe they could never do that. It makes you stand out.
  • I was at a KPI event recently and brought out a copy of my book – everyone on the table immediately stopped listening to Daniel Priestley and wanted to look at my book!
  • It meant I can not only put an image of the book on my website, but also the Bestseller badge – again, it sets me apart from my competitors and others in the market.
  • Having a book that you can pull out of your bag or send in advance helps get meetings with partners, potential clients and other KPIs. I used my book to secure a coffee meeting with a well-known rower who won Silver at the Athens Olympics. She has read the book and regularly makes introductions for me into places like MIND and also corporates. She has also acted as a case study for my business which adds a lot of credibility to what we do. We are working together to use her contacts to get me some speaking opportunities.
  • I sent copies to the local press who covered the book – The Resident Magazine (which goes out to all upmarket residences across London) voted it their ‘Buy of the Month’.rise-and-shine-3d
  • The book is a supercharged business card for me – I send it to KPIs, senior targets and journalists when I want to get their attention. Mostly it works. Even if the target person doesn’t want to talk to me right now, I get a reply from them so the channel of communication has been opened – I can then build on that (The Guardian’s Women in Business is an example of that).
  • The book means that other people have something they can use to help you. One of the case studies in my book, Ker Tyler, bought 20 copies and has sent them to his most senior contacts in the City recommending they read it – how powerful is that?
  • It’s a great pre-sales tool – or to use a KPI term, a P4P (product for prospect). Not ready to do business with me yet, or not sure? – have a copy of my book and let’s talk afterwards.
  • The book has been reviewed by some of the fitness magazines – most recently in Running Fitness magazine.
  • I’ve had a guest blog on Wayfinder Women.

It’s all very well having all this knowledge but if you can’t demonstrate to others what you know, it counts for nothing. A book enables you to show off that knowledge, but help people at the same time. You immediately appear to be an authority in what you do. I think it’s going to be game-changing for me.

Leanne Spencer’s website is http://www.bodyshotperformance.com/

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